RhinoReverse™, by iCapp GmbH, offers leading Reverse Engineering tools for Rhino users.

RhinoReverse™ 3 allows users to transform imported 3D scanned meshes into NURBS (splines and Surfaces), by simple sketching boundary curves on the given mesh data using your computer mouse.

Simple Process

RhinoReverse Mesh
RhinoReverse Curves
RhinoReverse Surface
RhinoReverse Surface Model

The four illustrations show a complexed organic form, that is difficult to model, taken from STL scanned data, curves easly drawn over the shape, then surfaces are generated with upto 25 boundary edges. A lot of CAD’s including Rhino tend to work on 3 or 4 boundary curves. Once completed the watertight model is ready to use.

Additional Features

In RhinoReverse™ ( Fast Skinning, Healing, Relief, Patch), allow you to make quick surfaces on organic shapes, plus you have tools to work with your existing surface models that may need small gaps, steps and overlaps correcting to enable solid-modeling.


iCapp GmbH, the company behind rhinoreverse™, was founded in February 2000 by two great people with very technical minds, Dr. Stefan Schmälzle and Dr. Jörg Danzberg. Their core business consists of software development for design and modelling of free form surfaces. Their key market aims are NURBS based tools for Automotive Toolmaking and Design Engineering and they developed a program called PanelShop. To expand their market to the masses, they needed a comfortable design set of tools to compliment their reverese engineering technology, so built RhinoReverse as an affordable plugin for Rhinoceros from McNeel. Plus they have developed a complete stand alone solution, CoverMesh, for complex organic shapes.
See the RhinoReverse site for more information.