Mesh2Surface Plug-in software makes reverse engineering quick, easy and affordable.

Your favourite CAD Applications. The Ultimate Reverse Engineering Plug-in.

Artec Scanned mesh


Scanned with Artec Space Spider and exported as an STL mesh.

Next steps

  • Import into CAD
  • Use Mesh2Surface
  • Start Surfacing
  • Great Results
Mesh2Surface tools
Mesh2Surface tools


Mesh2Surface lets you create surfaces the way you want.


  • Mesh2Surface for complex surfacing
  • Use your CAD tool skills
  • Refine your design with precision

Mesh2Surface Model


With Mesh2Surface plugged into your 3D CAD you have a powerful set of mesh surfacing tools that are available in other high end packages.

  • Fit 3D scanned meshes with basic primitives like planes, cylinders, spheres, cones.
  • Revolved and extruded surfaces.
  • Advanced editing of profile for revolved and extruded surfaces.
  • Segment meshes based on fillet areas.
  • Adjust the fillet radius.
  • Constraint extracted shapes.
  • Find the symmetry of the object.
  • Align an object to the world coordinate system.
  • Build best fit free form surface from part of the mesh.
  • Create curve based free form surface.
  • Deviation Analyzer to confirm your results.
Mesh2Surface Freeform

Don't have SolidWorks or Rhino, then QuickSurface3D is the complete solution for you.

See the QuickSurface page

For demonstration and tutorial videos, have a look at the Mesh2Surface site.
Mesh2Surface Plug-in software is developed by KVS Ltd that is a really friendly company based in the UK and Bulgaria, that we are pleased to work closely with.