Mesh2Surface software makes reverse engineering quick, easy and affordable.

Artec Scanned mesh


Scanned with Artec Space Spider and exported as an STL mesh.

Next steps

  • Import in Rhino
  • Start Mesh2Surface
  • Start Surfacing
Mesh2Surface tools


Mesh2Surface lets you create surfaces the way you want.


  • Surfaces into Rhino
  • Quick Trim
  • Refine your design

Mesh2Surface Model


With Mesh2Surface plugged into your Rhino3D you have a powerful set of mesh surfacing tools that are available in other high end packages.

  • Fit 3D scanned meshes with basic primitives like planes, cylinders, spheres, cones.
  • Revolved and extruded surfaces.
  • Advanced editing of profile for revolved and extruded surfaces.
  • Segment meshes based on fillet areas.
  • Measure the fillet radius.
  • Constraint extracted shapes.
  • Find the symmetry of the object.
  • Align an object to the world coordinate system.
  • Build best fit free form surface from part of the mesh.
  • Create curve based free form surface.
  • Deviation Analyzer.
Mesh2Surface Freeform

For demonstration and tutorial videos, have a look at the Mesh2Surface site.
Mesh2Surface Plug-in software is developed by ADA 3D OOD that is a really friendly company in Bulgaria that we are pleased to work with.