Leios – for all your needs !
Reliable 3D scanning, editing and reverse engineering software

by E.G.Solutions – Italy


Logical steps to get you to the final result …

Import or acquire point clouds from several supported scanners;
Point cloud enhancing and optimisation;
Scans alignment and merging.
Mesh cleaning, smoothing, enhancing;
Hole filling and mesh repair tools;
Optimization for surfacing, milling and further processing.
Mesh sculpting and free deformation,
Boolean operations, separation by clusters.
Character lines identification;
Region dissection and curvature identification;
Precise and fast analytic surfaces fitting.
2D sketch fit of cross-sections for rapid development.
Automatic and semi-automatic reconstruction by NURBS patches;
Accurate continuity analysis on surfaces and curves;
Compare NURBS and fitted surfaces against the mesh.
Save for archiving, printing, rendering and analysis in the most common formats (STL, OBJ, PLY); Export to your CAD of choice in STEP, IGES, DXF format.
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Scanned in Wembley Cemetery – UK, using Artec 3D Scanner and Leios.E.G.Solutions

Clean and repair any mesh imperfections captured when scanning.

Rebuild the mesh to suit your optimum results. Ideal for 3D printers.

Auto-Patch surfacing will let you export a nice NURBS model